International project


2022 TIKSAN GROUP launched the LEADER CODE international project: the event brought together top businessmen from Russia, the CIS countries, South Korea, and the Seychelles.

Its main goal is to identify and decipher the unique DNA of market leaders, entrepreneurs who have managed to become key in their niche.

The CODE OF THE LEADER is being implemented as a multi-format project: it includes filming interviews with businessmen, master classes, mastermind groups from the TIKSAN GROUP Business Academy, business breakfasts, special events. project together with the group of companies “Choose Radio”, the magazine “Business quarter”.

The project inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to develop or create their own business, and also seeks and reveals their unique DNA, the development of which will help them take the first positions in their niche.

International Business Forum LEADER CODE

On March 11, at the Siberia Grand Hall, 13 top businessmen of Krasnoyarsk told and showed by example how to reach the level of a business market leader and reach a billion-dollar company from scratch.

  • How do the owners of the largest companies build and develop their business?
  • What strategies are used?
  • What problems do they face and how do they get out of force majeure circumstances?


More information about the international business forum LEADER CODE:

Watch right now the video interview of the international project LEADER’S CODE

The strongest entrepreneurs, leaders and founders of well-known companies, dollar millionaires and billionaires tell what was their path to reaching the level of market leaders, what values can be brought to people through their business, who played a decisive role in their career and what they want to leave behind as heritage.

Leader Code: Anatoly Vashchenko

Leader Code: Vasily Zaharyuta

Leader Code: Vitaly Andriyanov

Leader Code: Natalya Truscheleva

Leader Code: Svetlana Burichenko

Leader Code: Dmitry Gerasimov

Take part in special project LEADER CODE

If you are a strong entrepreneur, leader or founder of a well-known company, then tell us about your path to becoming a market leader, what values you bring to people through your business, who played a decisive role in your career and what you want to leave behind as a legacy?

Get the opportunity to get on the spread of the magazine “Business Quarter”, promote your project and personal brand to a new level, become a speaker X in offline events of the international project LEADER’S CODE!

All participants of the international project LEADER CODE receive a 50% discount for advertising in group of companies “Choose radio” on 7 radio stations of Krasnoyarsk:

«Europa Plus»
«Love Radio»
Radio «Record»
«New Radio»
Radio 7»
Radio «On the seven hills»

As well as special conditions for the placement of advertising materials on the TVK channel, namely:

Interview in the program “Guest after the news” – 50% discount!

Participation in the transfer “Expert in New Morning” – 40% discount for 4 exits per month or 15,000 rubles. instead of 25,000 rubles. for 1 exit.

Discount on package advertising “Website + social networks” TVK channel: an article on the TVK website (10,500 rubles) + a VK post (5,000 rubles) + a post in a telegram channel (5,000 rubles) = 16,000 rubles (benefit 4500 rub.) *

*You can leave a request and get more detailed information by phone: +7 (938) 87-87-552, Anna.