Experts often say that walking, especially in winter, is good for the whole body. After all, cold air enhances metabolism, increases tone and activates the body's defenses. But you need to understand that a positive effect is achieved only if you are really in clean air - in a forest where there are no roads, industries and people nearby. In metropolitan areas, the situation is completely different.

In winter, the issue of air pollution becomes especially relevant. In addition to production, dust, gases and aerosols supply heating and vehicles to the air. Moreover, the latter produces annually 400 million tons of harmful emissions. Considering that a person inhales 14 kg of air per day (about 12 cubic meters), imagine how many toxic substances settle in the lungs.

During the heating season, the atmosphere is saturated with even more harmful substances. A cocktail of poisonous gases can cause poisoning, irritate the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and cause chronic lung disease. About half of all cases of lung cancer are due precisely to the fact that residents of megacities constantly breathe dirty air. Not every one of us has the desire and opportunity to move to the forest, or at least areas with a more favorable environment, but something can be done right now. Since we spend much more time at home and in the office than outdoors, it is very important to ensure a favorable microclimate inside the premises. Experts note the positive effect that houseplants and flowers have, which increase the concentration of oxygen in the house. Regular wet cleaning and ventilation of the premises can also significantly purify the air.

When ventilating the air in an apartment or office, it is important to let in as little dust, smoke and other pollutants as possible. To do this, you can use modern technology: just install special filters on the windows. They will close the way into the room for dirt, cigarette smoke, bacteria, germs, viruses and exhaust gases. At the moment, only NanoFiber has such products, and they have no analogues in the world.

The design is a simple profile with nanofiber, which is easily installed in the window and does not allow anything but clean air into the apartment. The cell size of the fiber is 0.05-0.1 microns, which allows you to trap not only dust, but also fine particles and even allergens. The filter material is made in South Korea.

Nanofiber - for the health of the whole family!