On March 11, at the Siberia Grand Hall, 13 top businessmen of Krasnoyarsk told and showed by example how to reach the level of a business market leader in Krasnoyarsk and reach a billion-dollar company from scratch. How the owners of the largest companies build and develop their business, what strategies they use, what problems they face and how they get out of force majeure.

From 9:00 in the morning, thematic platforms were open, after registration, participants could get to know each other and with project partners. They discussed strategies for building and developing a business, mistakes of managers, the causes of problem situations and options for getting out of them, discussed issues of personal growth and transformation of thinking.

The forum was opened with the launch of the Heart of Business charity project. The first step was the presentation of certificates with a face value of 100,000 rubles from the international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP to each accredited fund. Thus, it was shown that charity is important for the development of the company.

For many, the value of the forum was getting to know the speakers who told about their path. Everyone received an answer to their request, with which they came to the CODE OF THE LEADER. Numerous insights were shared by the participants in the chat, the main ones are:

- business is serving people

- your beliefs are your prophecies

- learn to balance between the spiritual and the material

- it is important to have a big and inspiring goal, without a goal there is no future, it should be difficult but achievable

- the right partnerships will strengthen, accelerate the growth and development of business

- problems = opportunities

- everyone should have a mentor

- focus on product and benefit to people
- Collaborations and partnerships bring stunning results

- learn from the best, learn best practices

- openness to remove fears

- a strong team makes the leader invincible. Weak team - forms inferiority complexes in him

- thanks to the benefits for other people, you grow on your own

- unsuccessful partnership - sort it out. Get stronger.

- a personal brand - you need to dry it. Without this, the brand will not be formed.

You need to focus on your product, not on a competitor.

- theory 3%. If 3% of the population of the city is engaged in something, then an irreversible process is launched

- the leader must be able to get out of the matrix of imposed circumstances.

Организаторы форума уверены, что каждый смог для себя вынести конкретные инструменты, чтобы его бизнес стал успешным.

В сентябре 2023 года пройдет второй бизнес-форум КОД ЛИДЕРА, где примут участие международные спикеры.