TIKSAN AUTO bring cars to order directly from South Korea.

To date, TIKSAN AUTO has delivered more than 100 cars to the Russian Federation - from premium to those “for every day”. Search, registration, customs clearance - everything will be done by our experts.

See for yourself, the 2020 HYUNDAI PALISADE cost the new owner 4 million, while in the Russian market it costs almost 5.4 million. Or the 2021 KIA MOHAVE SUV was brought to order for 3.9 million, and in Russia its price is 5.5 million waited for the Audi Q7 (latest generation), paying 6.3 million. In the Russian market, such a car costs from 8.5 million.

Important! All cars with a clean history, minimal mileage, excellent technical quality. The guaranteed delivery time from Korea is 50-60 days, and you can pick up a car worth from 2 million rubles.

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