Construction in the winter is a topical issue for those who are thinking about building their own house just now. As a rule, construction work is traditionally planned for the summer period. Warm weather, lack of frequent rainfall and many other signs make building a house in the summer less laborious, and at the same time faster. But what if you want to build a house now, and outside the window is autumn and sub-zero temperatures? Let’s figure it out!

The ideal solution is to build a house from SIP panels.

What are SIP panels?

SIP panels  are a modern technology for low-rise construction, which allows you to build inexpensive, warm, cozy and modern houses.

Why choose SIP panels?

  • Material energy efficiency
  • High mechanical strength, because SIP panels can withstand a vertical load of more than 2 tons per meter2, and a horizontal load of up to 10 tons
  • Resistance to various kinds of environmental influences, the material is not afraid of moisture, rot, insects, temperature changes
  • Rapid erection of objects
  • Lower price compared to other materials

But the most important advantage  is that SIP panels can be built at any time of the year, both in summer and winter. No need to wait for the onset of heat and dream of a dream of your own home. Construction can begin now, regardless of weather conditions. In addition, winter construction has its obvious advantages that will dispel all doubts.

  • First, the likelihood of wet precipitation is minimal. After all, even a little rain is enough to saturate the material with moisture, thereby slowing down the construction process. In winter, snow does not penetrate into the structure of the material, being only on the surface.
  • Secondly, a big advantage in winter is the reduction in prices for building materials, and the low employment of construction teams. When the construction boom begins in the warm season, the demand for construction work increases and you have to wait several months for your turn, while the prices for materials increase several times.
  • And finally, optimal shrinkage. Cold slowly, gradually removes excess moisture from the material, the house takes the final configuration evenly, without deformation.

But despite all the delights of building in the winter, there are some nuances that you should pay attention to.

  • The foundation on screw piles is adapted to frozen ground, accumulations of snow, and frost. What can not be said about the concrete analogue, it is not recommended to equip it in winter. Of course, there are various methods for pouring a concrete foundation in winter, but you need to remember that this is a rather costly process that requires special attention and professionalism.
  • A certain amount of foam may come out of the joints, which can spoil their aesthetic appearance. But this is a normal phenomenon, showing that the builders followed the requirements of technology and did not make mistakes.
  •  It is not worth using flexible materials in the cold, they require additional fixation with an adhesive composition, welding. In winter, the glue hardens poorly, the tightness and integrity of the roof may be compromised.

But all these problems can be easily fixed. After all, the construction market is actively developing and there is a solution for any possible problem.

So is it possible to cost a house in winter? Yes, you can! You can become the proud owner of your own dream home faster than you think. Especially now, when such innovative construction technologies as SIP panels have appeared, which allow building modern houses under any conditions, at low cost and in a short time. And to make the process of building a house comfortable – entrust it to us.

SK “Small floors”  is a company of low-rise turnkey construction of houses. More than 300 objects were built by our specialists, 6 regions of presence, 12 professionals are minimally involved in each project, the company has its own mortgage broker, 4 partner banks cooperate with us, own production of materials.  

Construction company Small floors, is a guarantor of quality and stability in low-rise construction. Your home is the result of our vast, including international experience. You can trust us to build your dream home!