Today our technical specialist Konstantin will show and tell about one of them.
When we say that it is possible to assemble a heating system without using a welding machine, our customers are surprised. How this technology works, see the video, we describe it in detail.
By the way, our company works with proven suppliers, offering only the best equipment and consumables. After all, we are 100% responsible for the work we do for you.
During the installation process, we use a special crimping machine, a stainless steel pipe with special press fittings. The technology is used when piping boiler equipment, installing radiators, installing a cold / hot water supply system. Ideal for rooms where welding cannot be used. The pipe looks aesthetically pleasing, it lasts much longer than after traditional welding.
The pipe is delivered from 4 meters. We cut the pipe with a special tool, we process the edge inside and out with a deburrer. There is a rubber seal in the fitting itself, if the pipe is not processed, you can ruin it. Next, the pipe is inserted into the fitting and, using a special apparatus, the parts are pressed. It is very convenient that you can work on weight.
If you need a professional installation of the heating system, contact the professionals. Always happy to help.

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