The international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP develops many business areas, and one of them is the production of innovative window filters.

The problem of dirty air and the incessant regime of the “black sky” is familiar to Krasnoyarsk residents firsthand. Winter is ahead, and this is a serious test for the residents of the city. Dirty cold air, smoke from chimneys – all this causes irreparable damage to health. But there is a solution, and the  TIKSAN GROUP  knows how to help solve this problem too!

There are many ways to take care of the air quality in your home. You can buy an air purifier or it will be useful to have indoor plants that increase the oxygen concentration in the house. It is also good to regularly carry out wet cleaning or ventilate the room. But what if you want to open the window, and there are particles of dirt and dust in the air? That’s right, install an innovative nanofilter!
What is a nanofilter?

The design is an aluminum profile with nanofiber, which is easily installed in the window and does not allow anything but clean air into the apartment. The fiber cell size is 0.05 – 0.1 microns, which allows you to trap not only dust, but also fine particles and even allergens. The filter material is made in South Korea.

To date, there are no analogues of  NANOFIBER .  The window filter is so “smart” that it can protect indoor air from coarse and fine dust, smog and burning, allergens, bacteria and viruses. Krasnoyarsk residents will find such a find very useful! Clean air is the key to good health! And the nanofilter will help you with this. 

You can get additional information and sign up for a measurement at NANOFIBER by calling +7 391 205-06-86

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