Recently, the General Director of the international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP, Sergey Kim, and the head of the TIKSAN AUTO car supply department, Yulia Brok, told viewers on the air of the Afontovo TV channel why it is now profitable to order cars from the South Korean market. 

Due to the current situation in the world, the market of foreign cars for the Russian consumer has become practically inaccessible, and the issue of replacing an old car with a new one is still open.

Quite recently, a relatively new automotive direction TIKSAN AUTO was opened in the TIKSAN GROUP group of companies, which has already established itself in the market. TIKSAN AUTO delivers cars of different brands directly from South Korea, with the maximum configuration and minimum mileage. This saves customers a lot of money.

According to Sergey Kim: “The goal of our company is to meet the needs of customers in the most profitable way. And given the current trends in the car supply market and our experience with South Korea, we are ready to show these obvious advantages of working with us. We have ordered 14 cars for our customers, which we will bring in the near future with a total savings of 19 million rubles. Crossovers are very popular these days. Take, for example, a car like the HYUNDAY Palisade. The car of 2020, with a mileage of only 10 thousand km. The average market value in Russia is 5.4 million rubles, and for a client we brought it for only 4 million rubles. rub. Thus, our client saves 1.4 mil. rub. In this case, the equipment of the car will be maximum.

Why choose a car from South Korea?
1. High quality cars. The Korean market and the consumer itself are very demanding on the cars they produce. Therefore, you can learn a car with the richest equipment and the newest “chips” that are on the market. Cars are thoroughly tested by highly qualified specialists from South Korea. Therefore, the risk of buying a “pig in a poke” is completely excluded.
2. The price will not change. Even at the selection stage, a certain price is fixed for you based on the current exchange rate, which will not change until the end of the transaction.
3. Low mileage from the car. First of all, you will receive a car with a minimum mileage, this is due to the small territory of South Korea itself. The car simply does not have time to wear out.
4. A wide range of different brands. Many people are mistaken when they think that only Korean car models are presented in the Korean market, this is absolutely not true. The Korean market is represented by different brands for every taste.

As Yulia Brok, head of the car supply department, noted: “We provide maximum information on each car. History, mileage, payments on the car, if any. We check everything completely. We carry out a test drive, we shoot it all on a photo and video, so that the client can actually see his future car in action. If the client wants something additionally studied for him, we will do it. Therefore, all the clients that we have accumulated over this short period did not experience any discomfort and unnecessary excitement. We received answers to all our inquiries.

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