Why do we need the top 200?

This question is answered by the head of the international group of companies Tiksan Group  Sergey Kim.

“This is the level of an Olympic champion company! And there are very few!
Because, firstly, not everyone sets such a goal even in their head, not to mention saying it out loud. And secondly, not everyone has enough talent and skills.
Champions are not born! They become!

Those who take medals, those who are awarded by the first persons of the country, who are given cars, apartments for these few minutes of glory give 10-15 years of terrible work, with sweat, blood, tears. They are broken, they have no health, their family does not see them. All for the sake of a medal, a handshake, a diploma, well done words!
To feel the taste you need to overcome a lot! And this must be understood!

Because there is no easy victory!
If suddenly this happened, then the bar was too low.

Our company has a very strong goal!
I want  our entire TIKSAN GROUP team to be in the Forbes Top 200 by 2030.

We have two Olympiads ahead of us, two four-year-olds.
And during this time, we can either take the easy path and just live for 8 years, or take the right path and together bring our projects to world fame.
Time will pass and so and so. But the result with which we will find ourselves in 2030 depends solely on what actions will be performed today.

Why do we need the Forbes Top 200?
Because nothing brings such moral satisfaction as working with a big goal, achieving it and the possibility of self-realization.

By 2030, there will be at least a couple of thousand of us, we will be represented in all cities.
TIKSAN GROUP has every chance to become winners in this Olympiad, and we will do it!

Why am I so sure?
Because until today there is not a single goal that we could not master! »

Tiksan Group is constantly growing and actively developing, which means we are strengthening the Team.
If you set yourself no less ambitious goals, then send your resume to  hr3@tiksan.ru