Most of those who are going to build a country house postpone their plans until late spring, or even until summer. And thus, significantly increase the cost of future housing. If we conclude an agreement now, we can fix the prices for 2022. And secondly, to get ahead of the inevitable spring-summer increase in the cost of building materials. Such an offer is made by the federal construction company “Small floors” to its future customers, and it is valid until March 1.      

And the SIP technology used by the developer makes it possible to start construction at any time of the year. Even in winter, without loss of quality.

Of all the advantages that this technology has many, we would highlight the unique energy-saving properties of SIP panels. Such houses are 1.5 times warmer than frame houses, and 3 times warmer than log houses. And 15 (!) times warmer than a brick. And if the International Polar Station at the South Pole, where the average annual air temperature is -49 ° C, was built using SIP technology, then such a house will easily survive the Siberian 30 degree frosts.

Heating in houses built using SIP technology is 3-6 times cheaper than a standard house made of brick, aerated concrete and timber. In winter, at temperatures up to -15 ° C, and this is what we have in recent years most of the winter, the house is heated in just 2-3 hours.

Walls made of SIP panels are highly moisture resistant, so the house does not freeze without heating. The wooden base of the panel sheathing allows you to keep dry indoor air throughout the entire life of the house.

A SIP house is a good option for those who are not ready to build for years. The path from choosing a project (you can use the free ready-made proposals of the architects of the federal construction company “Small floors”), signing the contract to the housewarming party will take three months.

The international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP, which includes the construction company Malye Etazh, and nine other business lines, opened its own production of SIP panels in Krasnoyarsk last spring.

The house kit made here, as a designer, will be assembled at the construction site – by the way, the company also provides services for the selection of land.

And if you do not wait for the summer, but start fulfilling your dream now, then by spring you will move into your own house that costs less than a city apartment. And if you still have time before March 1, the price will be the same as last year.    

Time is short, decide quickly.

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