To ensure that the entire chain from the design department of the KOLOSS plant to the technical specialists of HOTOPIT.RF works perfectly, the company regularly conducts internal training. After all, our goal is to select the most accurate heating system for the client’s budget and offer him the best solution. And this is impossible without a deep knowledge of the features of the product.
Last week, OTOPITI.RF sales staff and technical specialists attended such a training.
The engineering department of the plant told the company’s employees about changes in the design of solid fuel boilers, talked about qualitative changes, hinted at the development of a completely new, unique model (we will tell you about it later, stay tuned).
More partners of the company OTOPITI.RFfrom the “Automation House” introduced their new products, updates, answered questions of interest regarding the operation of controllers for boilers.
The training was very productive, right on the spot all questions were sorted out, comments were worked out in practice.