TIKSAN GROUP and the Delovoy Kvartal edition in Krasnoyarsk invite you to the family business festival Picnic. Heirs”.

TIKSAN GROUP considers it important to support the project, which actively raises the opportunity to share important thoughts about raising children and developing business in the new reality.
“For all business people, the topic of raising their children is important and interesting. At one time, I had rather difficult starting conditions. But now the situation is different, our children are growing up in abundance, they have a completely different standard of living. Looking to the future, I understand how important it is to convey to them the right values ​​— respect for work, for business, for people. Moreover, this foundation must be laid from early childhood. However, I understand that my personal experience is by definition limited and it is important to learn different approaches to parenting. Learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs. Our heirs, our successors are the most important thing in life. Parents are a bow, and children are arrows that we shoot into the world, but we can set their flight in the right direction, ”Sergey Kim emphasized.

The event will take place on July 6, 2022, at the Eagle Hills Golf Club.