Tiksan group in its work focuses only  on promising markets and products that have a future.

XL PIPE , in this regard, is no exception. The production of this high-tech product, made according to Korean technologies, was started by the company more than 10 years ago. To date, in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, more than 57,000 objects are heated by this electric water floor.

What is the secret?
XL PIPE  meets most of the requirements of the modern consumer:  it is environmentally friendly, functional, safe for people and animals, and easy to handle. And a service life of more than 50 years  makes this product a great investment for the future. That is why a large number of developers have already paid attention to this type of heating and are equipping new houses with it.

The Daewoo enertec dealer network , the flagship of which is this electric-water heated floor, is growing every year, popularizing the product more and more.

We are sure that in the near future, every second private house in Russia will be heated by XL PIPE.