The other day, Sergey Kim,  General Director of the international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP,  and Yulia Brok , head of the TIKSAN AUTO car supply department,   spoke live on TVK’s New Morning about how it is profitable to buy a quality car today.

The automotive direction is relatively new in the TIKSAN GROUP, but not partnerships with South Korea.
To supply only high-quality cars to the Russian market, a professional team works in South Korea, which conducts a specialized selection of cars. If there are complaints, they refuse the car.

Sergey Kim shared:  “The Russian automotive market has undergone significant changes in 2022. Auto deliveries are limited, as are dealer stocks. This led to a strong increase in prices for both new and used cars. But there is a profitable alternative – to order a car from South Korea.
The used car market is gaining popularity, but in fact in Russia this is a big problem. For 3 years in Russia, a used car practically exhausts its resource. Almost nothing remains of the car during this time.

Note that the most relevant  advantages  of choosing cars from Korea are:
1.  Vehicle equipment . South Korea has very high requirements for the domestic market, because it has its own manufacturers – KIA, Hyndai. Koreans buy cars with rich equipment. Therefore, we bring cars only with top-end equipment.

2.  Low mileage.  South Korea is a territorially small country, so for 3 years the car does not roll out more than 30 thousand mileage.

3.  Price. Logistics is built in such a way that the final price is formed without unnecessary extra charges. The company works on volume. The cost is fixed at the current rate at the stage of choosing a car. That is, if the course has changed during the delivery process, this will not affect the buyer in any way. Delivery time – 50-60 days.

According to the head of the TIKSAN AUTO car supply division,  Yulia Brok,  the savings can be significant:
“For example, there is a real offer – Hyundai Santa Fe, 2020, complete set. This car can be brought from South Korea for 2.9 million rubles, while the Russian market offers a price of 3.3 million rubles. Moreover, a car from Korea will be in the best configuration, of the best quality, without a run in Russia.
Savings can reach even 3 million rubles. It all depends on the car. For example, the 2021 Range Rover Velar, in the maximum configuration, with a 3 liter engine. It now costs 8-11 million in Russia. It can be brought from South Korea for 6.9 million rubles.”

Moreover, TIKSAN AUTO offers cars not only of Korean brands.
“ The Korean market is represented by different brands – Japanese, Korean, American, and German cars. We can bring Mercedes, Porsche, Opel. If you want, we’ll bring a Ferrari .”

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