Why the TIKSAN GROUP decided to develop the automotive business is shared by the head Sergey Kim.


I chose…

And I didn’t have time to choose, first the pandemic, and then the events of this year …

There is a desire to buy a new car, but the opportunities for this have drastically decreased. Many companies have left the Russian market, others have suspended their activities.

Dealers are experiencing problems with supplies,  the eurodollar is constantly jumping, the availability of cars in dealerships is negligible compared to what it was quite recently. And for those that remain, the prices are space!

Therefore, based on personal needs, and also understanding that this problem has not affected me alone, we offer a real alternative for end customers and corporate customers. Deliveries of cars with minimum mileage from South Korea. The advantages of such cars are obvious : high-quality cars no older than 3-5 years with excellent technical characteristics.

And since  TIKSAN GROUP is an expert in cooperation with South Korea  since 2010. We have been supplying high-tech equipment for production for a long time, and over the years we have developed contacts in South Korea itself, and have debugged all logistics chains.
Today we have our own team of professionals who scrupulously select cars with a clean history at the best price.

We realized that we can make the life of our customers better in this matter!

I will not have a BMW, but two Korean pumped cars!
We are already choosing with Hope …

If you also have such a need, then call the employees of the development department by phone: +7 (391) 986-77-23

Whether this project, like other areas of the group of companies, awaits, we will tell later. Follow our news.