Sergey Kim, head of the TIKSAN GROUP group of companies, actively shares his entrepreneurial experience on social networks.  

As part of a working trip, Sergey shared his observations: “Guys, I now communicate a lot with new people. And I can see how the current situation affects people. If entrepreneurs are still holding their own, but not all of them, are trying their best to stay afloat, then ordinary people are under extreme stress.”

That is why our company immediately made the most important strategic decision – we must become an island of stability for everyone: for employees, partners and customers!

And we actively moved to action:
1. First of all, we held negotiations with all partners so that they know that our plans are unchanged. We outlined and discussed future development strategies, conducted training.
2. Switched to weekly planning.
3. We left prices at the same level. Getting rich by speculating in the moment is not our rule. We decided that in this situation we can compensate for the gaps at the expense of our own resources.
4. Leader – became an island of stability, threw all his strength into business development and the development of personal relationships.

Sergey Kim: “Money and profit in business, of course, are very important, but what remains after is even more important – reputation! It is extremely important for TIKSAN GROUP to be a reliable partner, serve people and give value in all directions!