January 18, the company “Small Etazhi” launches a project – the School of Countryside Real Estate!

This project will help increase the number of transactions in a real estate agency and with a single realtor with the help of a country direction.

What will the suburban real estate school give to a realtor:

  • practical skills in working with a cadastral map and land documents
  • solving cases and understanding which lands are suitable for what and how to avoid mistakes when searching for a land plot
  • knowledge of construction mortgage programs
  • understanding how to earn from 200 thousand monthly working with FRK “Small Etazhi”
  • knowledge of engineering systems in suburban construction (heating, septic tanks) pros and cons
  • knowledge of all major construction technologies (different materials) pros and cons
  • understanding how to work out objections to the construction of SIPs
  • we will update our knowledge of sales technology and gain an understanding of customer reorientation.

Upon completion of all modules, the specialist will receive a certificate of completion of the School of Country Real Estate from FRK “Small Etazhi” and practical skills, each module will be accompanied by practical work. Today, anyone can participate for free.

The purpose of this project: to teach an interested realtor how to work with land real estate and attract clients to our construction company.

Start of the project on January 18 at 10.00 on the basis of our office on the street. Oktyabrskaya, 8A.

The program has 4 modules – 4 meetings. Estimated time of the meeting is 2-3 hours depending on the dynamics of the group. The number in the group is 20 people.

To make an appointment, call or write in private messages your full name and the name of the real estate agency to the number: +7 (991) 543-76-31 , Yulia Kureneva – speaker-trainer, head of the affiliate channel of the FRC “Small Etazhi”.