In every home, one of the favorite places for the whole family to gather is the kitchen. At dinner in the family circle, everyone puts aside their affairs and gadgets, tells how the day went, share their impressions, goals and achievements.

On the eve of the most family holiday, the company “Malye Etazhi” holds the “KITCHEN AS A GIFT” campaign so that you can spend even more time in your spacious country house in a cozy kitchen for a leisurely and delicious dinner with your family.

Still thinking about building a house? Now is the best time to take the first step!

Sign a construction contract before December 31 and get a kitchen as a gift.

Moreover, with the federal construction company “Small Etazhi” it is possible to build houses even in winter. There are obvious advantages to building in the winter: there are no rains in winter, which can slow down the construction process and even ruin the materials. Therefore, the decision to build a house, taken on the eve of the New Year, is also profitable!

In cooperation with the company “Small Etazhi” you get:

  • Free mortgage processing from our mortgage brokers
  • Free design from the company’s architects
  • Free selection of land
  • Building materials of own production
  • Turnkey construction of houses (heating, ventilation, electricity, water, sewerage and white cube finishing)
  • Fulfillment of work deadlines strictly according to the contract
  • 5 years construction warranty

Federal construction company “Small floors” – with us it is easy to build even in winter!

For detailed advice and registration for a tour of our showroom, call +7(391)205-3-444 and come to the address: Krasnoyarsk, st. October, 8a.