On July 15, the business marathon organized by Daewoo enertec ended, in which network dealers took part.
The participants of the marathon spent 4 weeks of active immersion in interesting marketing strategies. The fight for awards was in 6 categories:
• The most effective negotiator
• Clients’ favorite
• The best negotiator
• The coolest SMM dealer
• The most active Daewoo Enertec dealer
• 1st place according to the results of the entire marathon

The main prize for the 1st place at the end of the entire marathon is a personal consultation with Sergey Kim.

The purpose of the business marathon was to:
• enable each participant to really improve their knowledge and skills
• try new marketing tools
• develop the habit of mastering new advertising channels
• expand the boundaries of their competencies
• exchange experience with colleagues

Every week, the participants of the marathon had 1 main and 1 additional task, the results of which were sent to a special chat.

4 weeks were very active: many of them tried their hand at working with bloggers for the first time, someone decided to shoot a video review of a client, others actively upgraded their skills as negotiators in working with municipal facilities, a large number of dealers completed the task of selecting publics in social networks.

And now it’s time to sum up. So:

• in the nomination “The most effective negotiator” (tasks of the 1st week), the award goes to
LLC GK “Metasnab-Irkutsk”, a dealer from the city of Irkutsk;
• the reward for completing tasks for 2 weeks goes to Akcent LLC to a dealer from Sochi – this is a victory in the nomination “Customer’s Favorite”;
• in the nomination “Best negotiator” (3rd week assignments), the award is taken by a dealer from the city of Novosibirsk (LLC “Frankosib”);
• the award in the nomination “The Coolest SMM Dealer” will go to Abakan (LLC “SibStroyCenter”) – for the best performance of tasks of the 4th week;
• For the best performance of additional tasks, the award “Most Active Daewoo Enertec Dealer” goes to Frankosib LLC from Novosibirsk.

Based on the results of the entire marathon, SibStroyCentre LLC becomes the winner – the 1st place award and personal consultation with Sergey Gennadievich goes to a dealer from the city of Abakan!

We would like to thank everyone who actively participated in the marathon.
Judging by the feedback, our dealers really liked this format. This means that we will be holding such events on an ongoing basis. Our goal is a strong team of dealers who are leaders in their region!