On the air of the After the News TVK program,  the head of the international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP Sergey Kim and the editor-in-chief of the publication Delovoy Kvartal Yulia Chanchikova  shared with viewers about the current state of the business community, and also talked about how one of the largest events will take place Krasnoyarsk –  the award “Person of the Year – 2022”.

The “Person of the Year” award  is an annual event where awards are given to the best businessmen, cultural figures and philanthropists of Krasnoyarsk. This year, the international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP  will become the main co-founder of the award.

Sergey Kim shared why he decided to support the award : “Entrepreneurs also need competition and the opportunity to take stock of their work. I always looked forward to this award at the end of the year. We had a dream that someday we too would be able to participate in this wonderful project and see where our company really is. But up to this point, we were still gradually growing and gaining strength. Person of the Year is a kind of celebration of entrepreneurs and it is very important that it be. In our opinion, such an event is of great importance for the city and the business community. This year we have been very pleased to join the team of Yulia Chanchikova to develop this project. And with our participation, we will only try to strengthen this award.”

Yulia Chanchikova, editor-in-chief of Delovoy Kvartal  , emphasized that a large number of both guests and nominees are planned for this year. There are more than 50 applicants in the long list of the event and the first results are already being summed up. It is especially difficult for the expert commission, which needs  to select only 10 candidates for the short list.

The theme and new slogan of the Prize-2022 is “Only the real! “. Julia told why the award will be held under such auspices this year. “This award is real, it will be held for the 13th time. And if the award is held in the city for the 13th time and gathers so many people, experts and nominees, this is a real event, it has stood the test of time. We live in the present, here and now. We must live it in such a way that it is not offensive. This is our time and it will not be different. It needs to be lived now and try to do it qualitatively. Do the thing that you love. These are real businesses. All those who win are people who work here, in the present, on our land. Which make a real contribution to the economy of the region, our city, provide people with services, goods, jobs, pay taxes. This is our present.”

The topic of business realities in the current situation and trends that have emerged in the business environment were also touched upon. One of the trends is high adaptability. To stay relevant especially now, it is very important to set the right focus, to have a high level of adaptation to different situations, to develop the right tactics and strategy for further development. In addition, an increasing number of people are uniting based on common values ​​and goals, supporting and advising each other, and exchanging experience. This is extremely important, especially on today’s agenda. I would also like to note that today business is becoming more and more conscious. Conscious entrepreneurship is a new trend in the business community. Even during the pandemic, there was a trend that business helps business. Those who made concessions, helped others, survived this difficult period and continue to move forward, develop and set global goals. Another important aspect is the transparency of the business community. This is a vital necessity today. Sergey Kim emphasized that:  “Those who are closed to clients and partners will not achieve long-term success. It is important for people to understand who is behind this or that product or service. After all, people work with people first. Therefore, it is very important to broadcast your values ​​openly. It attracts people, but also increases responsibility. Business always = responsibility.”

By the way, the award “Person of the Year – 2022” will be held on December 8 at 19:00. This year, the organizers of the award have changed the venue. In 2022, it will be the SibFU Congress Hall.