On December 24, Sergei Kim held his first author’s master class “From Guest Worker to Billionaire” at the Siberia International Exhibition Center.

The purpose of the event is to transfer knowledge and experience over 15 years of work as a businessman. Squeeze of conducted trainings, for which Sergey Kim has invested more than $500,000. The guests of the master class plunged into the atmosphere of the event from the very entrance to the Siberia International Exhibition Center. They were met by impromptu guest workers who escorted them to their places in the hall, and also served as assistants to the speaker throughout the event. Several guests shared their expectations from the master class in an interview. We managed to find out that a different contingent of people had gathered: businessmen, millionaires, taxi drivers, startups, laborers, middle managers, parents with many children, families of entrepreneurs and many others.

The program of the master class was extensive and non-standard. At the very beginning of the evening, a surprise from the organizers awaited the guests: a performance by the Rolls Royce musical cover band and a welcoming speech from Nikolai Kim, a restaurateur, owner of the Kannam Group, Sergey Kim’s younger brother. Nikolai shared his personal story about how it all began, about the thorny path that the brothers passed together, about how they themselves and the space around them were changing.

By the time the main speaker left, there were no more empty seats left in the hall. Full sold out and thunderous applause greeted Sergey Kim this evening.

From the very beginning, Sergey announced the master class and said that everything that was said that evening was based on real events that no one had heard yet. Then the whole hall plunged into the atmosphere of the speaker’s life path, which he divided into three categories: point A, B and C.

A is where he was in the beginning. B is where he is now and C is the goal where he is moving with the team. Each participant of the master class described their points A, B and C in the questionnaires that they received in the hall. All these recordings were needed by the participants of the master class, so that they could visually assess their path and set themselves an ambitious goal. Purpose creates reality. When you see a goal, you do everything to achieve it. 6 different cases were selected from the audience, the analysis of which will take place at ZUM after the New Year. Sergey will personally conduct a session with everyone.

You ask, did those who came to the master class get the main answer to the question: how to become a millionaire? The answer is yes. Not only the most important secret of the master class theme was revealed – three steps on the way to the first million. But in addition, everyone in the hall received three steps on the way to a billion. Sergey asked to hear the information not with the ears, but with the heart. Indeed, over the years, information can be forgotten, and feelings about the past master class will remain forever.

Sergey Kim went through a 15-year journey, formed his own technology for achieving goals and packaged them in the course “From Goal to Result”. All those who came to the master class received free access to the first three lessons. This course contains all the best and most effective mechanics for working with goals. How to put them correctly, how to deal with barriers. Much attention was paid to the balance in life between different goals. On this course, Sergey shared his secrets: where does he get energy from, what charges him. How to effectively use resources to achieve the goal. All technology for working with goals is practice. This is something that Sergei experienced and tested on himself. It was this technology that allowed him to go from a guest worker to the head of an international group of companies. You can get access on the website: www.tiksan-academy.ru

Nikita Blednov, head of the “Business Academy” announced another project – “Leader’s Code”. The best leaders of Russia and the world have been found. More than 25 interviews have already been conducted to identify the DNA of successful businessmen. The task is to show their stories so that everyone can learn the values ​​and experience. Videos are already available on the TIKSAN GROUP YouTube channel .

And in March 23, the Code of the Leader Forum will be held, where the best of the best will perform on stage and share their technology for achieving results. It will be the strongest business event in Krasnoyarsk.

To achieve your goals, start helping others. Today we can take part in the first charity project of this magnitude in Russia. By helping others, we help ourselves first.

In the final, Sergey Kim said that anyone can become anyone, that he does not forget who he was at point A. He invited all the children who attended the master class and heroically spent all 4 hours in the hall to the stage. Sergei discovered another secret: “It does not matter how much money is in your account, what is important is what mark you leave in this world after yourself. After all, as it is sung in that very song: “When I am gone, we will sing with the voices of our children and the voices of their children.” Basta’s song started playing, and everyone could take a picture with the one who went through a thorny path from a guest worker to a billionaire and at the same time remained a Man with a capital letter who wants to make people around him and this world a little better! And we think that on this day he succeeded!

A start! See you at the Forum on March 11, 2023 and at the Business Academy courses!