Today, on the air of Love Radio 101.3 FM, Sergey Kim and Natalya Sorokina spoke about New Year’s traditions and gifts from TIKSAN GROUP.

This year, more than 1,000 books were presented to colleagues and partners. Partners received Michael Roach’s bestseller Karmic Management as a gift. The choice fell on this present not by chance, we always give values ​​and knowledge. It is important for us that the community around the company develops with us.

Tomorrow, Secret Santa will be held inside the corporate culture, where all employees will exchange gifts. Last year, Sergey Kim made a cool gift – he launched a free goal marathon, where he gathered top experts in sports, personal effectiveness, style and other specialists. Marathon, which was completed by more than 300 people.

One of the best development tools is goal setting. Today we gave a book live to Yulia, a listener of Love Radio, who got through on the radio and said that through setting goals she achieved long-awaited results – a trip to Egypt and buying a dog. As a gift, Yulia received Michael Roach’s bestseller Karmic Management, autographed by Sergei and radio host Sabina.

But the gifts didn’t stop there! In addition, we give Sergey Kim’s author’s course “From Goal to Result” to those who subscribe to Sergey and Sabina’s instagram account, mark in the comments under the post with a draw of two friends and wait for the results on December 30th.

We wish you good luck and wish you all a Happy New Year!