A few words about the features of the KOLOSS Pro boiler model with a capacity of 220 kW:
• specially designed for regions where firewood, coal and brown coal are used as the main type of fuel (the large depth of the combustion chamber allows loading even long firewood into the boiler);
• Boiler efficiency not less than 83%;
• The blower fan can be installed either on the left or on the right. For high power boilers, 2 fans are installed at once;
• maintenance of the boiler is sufficient to carry out 1 time in 2 months.

Котлы KOLOSS идеально подходят для отопления производственных и складских помещений.
Каждый котел изготавливается по требованиям заказчика, при производстве учитываются задачи, которые необходимо решить.
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