Today, TIKSAN GROUP projects are already operating in 25 countries around the world. The head office of the group employs 350+ specialists, each of which is a professional in his field.

The company is built on the principle of holding. The group’s central office has professional departments that ensure the operation of all projects.

It’s no secret that TIKSAN GROUP intend to enter the TOP FORBES 200 . At the same time, the international company emphasizes that a strong team is a key element of all ambitious projects and goals of the company.

TIKSAN GROUP pays special attention to personnel strategy, it is important for the company that each employee feels like an important part of the common cause.
According to  Sergey Kim , CEO of TIKSAN GROUP, the development of corporate culture is a priority for the holding. And it develops based on the common values ​​of the company and the creation of a special development environment.

— The main common values ​​for us are 3 main qualities: customer focus, teamwork and continuous development. We have strong professionals in our team. It is no secret that often these are people with a very difficult character. In order for them to work harmoniously, strengthen and complement each other, a special environment is needed, imbued with the spirit of leadership and mutual assistance. There are companies with a strong spirit, strong and strong. And then there are the weak, the toxic, and the dying. A lot in the fate of the company depends on the personality of the leader. You must always show a personal example of dedication to the cause, your profession, constantly charge your team. We have been on the market for 11 years. And we grow every year. We will soon conquer Russian business ratings. Leadership, manufacturability, rapid development —this is the DNA of the TIKSAN GROUP, says Sergey Kim.

Reflecting on what motivates a team, Sergey Kim highlights the influence of strong goals and champion spirit. Sergey also notes that employees are only committed when they create products and services that people value and need. When they grow up like professionals. When their contribution to the development of the company is appreciated adequately. When they are treated with care and respect. But one fact remains firm: the company is growing rapidly and real professionals work in the team.

The dynamic development of the company and projects requires the involvement of highly qualified specialists in their field. At the same time, the complaints of company executives about the shortage of personnel have become a common place. TIKSAN GROUP is constantly in search of the best personnel, strong-willed people, those who are close to the values ​​of the company, who strive for high goals, are not afraid of difficulties and want to grow. For the personnel service, it is very important to correctly assess the professional level of the applicant. Maintain a balance of professionalism and value coincidences.

TIKSAN GROUP values ​​long-term cooperation both within the company and with partners.

The company appreciates long-term cooperation and counts on warm friendship wherever the company works. The more the company grows, the greater the responsibility not only to employees, but also to customers. Regardless of changes in corporate culture or business processes, the company’s relationships with partners and customers are built on these principles. They resonate in the heart of every employee. Each of us grows not only as a professional, but also as a person. We help each other, act like a big friendly family.

When you surround yourself with real friends, professional colleagues, reliable partners and high-quality products, then there is nothing left for your customers but to be exceptionally satisfied and grateful! Sergei Kim says

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