TIKSAN AUTO is actively developing in a difficult time for this business niche, but the successes are impressive: already today TIKSAN AUTO has brought more than 65 cars for its customers worth over 187 million rubles. Cars are brought to order, you can save up to 4 million rubles on the purchase of a vehicle!

Until now, autobuyers have worked exclusively with private orders from individuals. However, already now TIKSAN AUTO is opening up new opportunities: the launch of a direction for legal entities. Very soon, legal entities will be able to lease cars, negotiations with the largest leasing companies and partner banks are already underway. In addition, earlier car dealers specialized only in used cars with low mileage (which allows you to find very advantageous offers for the price), and today they are ready to bring new cars from South Korea.

By the way, the first experimental car is already going to Krasnoyarsk for a legal entity – a brand new one, straight from the BMW X6 (G06) xDrive 40d M-Sport salon. By the way, according to experts, the cars will be transported in containers, and, accordingly, this will save the road share of expenses, as well as travel time. And with such delivery, it will be possible to return VAT.

And another important point. If you decide to buy a car as a legal entity, you do not have to look for offers from leasing companies yourself. TIKSAN AUTO has a large pool of partners who are ready to work on orders of any complexity and volume. When buying through the leasing program, VAT is included, payments for the client are completely “white”, and payments for the legal entity are parts. You can choose a convenient schedule and pay in equal installments, decreasing payments or seasonal payments. There is a possibility of early repayment or transfer of debt to other companies. It is important to remember that leasing payments are included in the cost of production, which allows you to reduce the taxable base for income tax. When leasing, the VAT paid to the lessor is subject to offset. Thus, you can reduce your costs by another 20%.

And further. The first installment is a real gift, from 0%. You can afford any car with minimal initial investment. This eliminates the problem of lack of funds for bulk purchases and allows you to acquire high-value assets without withdrawing significant amounts of working capital.

And now the main thing. At the initial stage, in fact, you do not need anything other than the desire to buy a great car on the most favorable terms. Payment is staged: first, a car is selected according to your criteria. After the car is found, an agency agreement is concluded and an invoice is issued for payment at the rate that is on the date of the invoice. Then the car is delivered – a separate invoice is also issued for it. Well, plus customs fees and agency fees.   

The direction of work with legal entities will open from mid-February. But already today you can leave a preliminary application to TIKSAN AUTO on the website: here

or by phone +7 (391) 986-77-23.

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