“Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already been invented?” – says Ismonov Kabir Amrokhonovich, a new partner of the Kannam Chicken project from Tajikistan.

Partners have been watching the activities of the group of companies for a long time. They saw the prospects for the development of the project throughout the country, they believe that it is quite difficult to independently realize such a potential from scratch: you will lose time and money. Therefore, we decided to start a franchise project.

A whole team came to Krasnoyarsk, including the future manager. He noted for himself that the proposed business model will allow for efficient management of establishments, all processes are set up.

Already this year, a network of ten Kannam Chicken will be opened in Tajikistan at once throughout the country, the first of which will be in Dushanbe.

We wish new partners a quick launch, for our part – the management company – we will provide maximum support, transfer the experience of the existing network.