What if you want a new car? In such a situation, there are  two options:  buy a car from an authorized dealer or buy a used car.

Quite a large percentage of buyers make a choice in the direction of purchasing a used car, rather than in the direction of buying a new car from a car dealership. But even here there are significant nuances that can spoil the pleasant impression of such a long-awaited purchase.

Most often, to search for a used car, people turn to ad sites or other third-party sites, but not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.
The car seller may turn out to be unscrupulous and hide important malfunctions from you or even “twist” the mileage. Indeed, to independently check the car, the buyer does not have enough experience, knowledge and the necessary tools to give an objective assessment of its condition.

What to do in such a case? The international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP has launched the TIKSAN AUTO automobile direction, which will take on this problem and bring a quality car directly from South Korea at the most attractive price!

The savings are really significant. Thus, the average price of the Hyundai Palisade car, which is popular among Krasnoyarsk residents, on ad sites is now about 5.4 million rubles. TIKSAN AUTO specialists have already brought similar cars, and their price was much lower. For example, for a car manufactured in 2020 with a mileage of less than 11 thousand km, the client paid  only 4,049,941 rubles.

In addition, do not worry that the car will come with any defect. All cars undergo the strictest quality check according to the auction list. Professional specialists check the content of the auction list and the actual condition of the car, sending all the information received to the chat to the client, who makes the final decision on the purchase.

Upon arrival in Russia, each car is tested in a laboratory in Vladivostok or Novosibirsk – it issues a safety certificate for the vehicle design to receive EPTS. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the car!

Thinking about buying a car? An application for the selection of a car can be left on the website  tiksanauto.ru . Or call +7 (391) 986-77-23 or telegram channel  https://t.me/tiksanauto

Link to the publication about  TIKSAN AUTO  on the Newslab portal –  https://newslab.ru/news/1136187