On 02/09/2023, in the Hikmet + Demirkhanov hall, Novotel Krasnoyarsk Center, a closed LIVE meeting with the speakers of the CODE LEADER business forum will be held. For businessmen, entrepreneurs and all those who want to start their own business and realize their potential.

Each participant of the meeting will be able to communicate with current practitioners, learn from them useful tips on how to become a leader followed by a team, and how to increase personal effectiveness. Benefits, life hacks and live communication. You will be able to gain experience from leaders in their field and learn how they became successful in their niche. 

Sergey Kim will share the secrets of the strategy of a billion-dollar group of companies. You and your team will learn how to become a team leader and increase personal effectiveness.

Vasily Zaharyuta – will share the secrets of approach to the client and the formation of a corporate culture. For each step you will receive specific instructions for effective management.

Elvira Huseynova will tell you how to increase the success of any negotiations with your appearance. Will reveal the topic of the importance of appearance and what it affects. He will analyze and give his recommendations on style to the participants of the closed LIFE-meeting.

Ilya Ermilov will teach you and your employees how to implement a motivation system that works 20 times more efficiently than competitors. He will analyze the case of an average real estate agency in the Russian Federation, calculate your profit.

February 9 at 19:00 “Hikmet + Demirkhanov” at the Ibis Novotel Krasnoyarsk Center (Karla Marksa, 123)

Registration for free participation and more detailed information: in the telegram channel 

Limited number of seats.