Is it possible to buy a car directly from South Korea at 2020 prices? Really!

The international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP and their automotive division TIKSAN AUTO have provided such a unique opportunity to Krasnoyarsk residents.

In 2022, the Russian car market has declined significantly, and the remaining brands have raised the cost of their cars. If 10 years ago the new Hyundai Santa Fe could be bought in the salon for 1.2 million rubles, now the same car, but with a mileage of about 150 thousand km, costs almost 1.5 million rubles on the market. Prices for new cars have crossed the mark of 3-4 million rubles.
TIKSAN AUTO  can bring the same 2021 model with a mileage of only 9,000 km. And it will cost the client 3.2 million rubles – at such prices these cars were sold in 2020. When in Krasnoyarsk a car with high mileage can be bought for at least 4.15 million rubles.

Why buy a car directly from South Korea?

In addition to the pleasant cost, there are several other tangible advantages of buying a car in the South Korean market:

  • Auto assembly level . Assembly for the domestic Korean market guarantees the high manufacturability of such a purchase, and the quality of Korean roads, the size of the country and the quality of the fuel used there make it possible to obtain a car with very low mileage and wear.
  • Specialists find machines that have been used from a few months to 5 years , with good technical qualities. 
  • TIKSAN AUTO has its own team of professionals directly in South Korea, who scrupulously select cars with a clean history at the best price.
  • Upon arrival in Russia, each car is tested in a laboratory in Vladivostok or Novosibirsk – it issues a vehicle design safety certificate to receive an EPTS .
  • TIKSAN AUTO will bring a car of any brand . You just need to choose a car, the rest will be taken care of by a team of experienced professionals.

Want to buy a car at 2020 prices? Contact TIKSAN AUTO !

An application for the selection of a car can be left on the website . Or call +7 (391) 986-77-23 or telegram channel

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