Since 2010, the international group of companies  TIKSAN GROUP has been working with South Korea in various business areas. And quite recently, the company decided to open another new and not typical direction for the Russian market – the supply of used cars directly from South Korea  TIKSAN AUTO.

If you are still thinking about where you can profitably invest your money, then the specialists of the TIKSAN GROUP car supply know the answer!

In an unstable economic situation, the question always arises: where to invest money in order not only to save it, but also to increase it? The ideal solution is to invest in a liquid commodity. But not traditionally in real estate as we are all used to, but in a reliable used car from South Korea. The automotive market for used cars will only grow and develop over time, and owners of cars with low mileage can profitably sell them in the future.

For example,  TIKSAN AUTO  can bring a 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe to Krasnoyarsk with a mileage of only about 9,000 km. It will cost the client 3.2 million rubles, but he will be able to sell it already for 4.15 million rubles – this is the average market price for a similar car in Russia. The benefit of such a transaction will be 950 thousand rubles.

Why is it worth buying a used car from South Korea?

Firstly , you can buy a car with the maximum configuration and minimum mileage at a bargain price.

Secondly , TIKSAN AUTO has its own team of professionals directly in South Korea, who scrupulously select cars with a clean history. The company’s specialists conduct a thorough check of the auction list, compare the contents of the auction list and the actual condition of the car.

But most importantly  – a wide range of different brands. Due to the current situation in the world, the Russian automotive market has declined significantly. Now the consumer does not have the opportunity to choose a car from a huge number of brands, as it was before. What can not be said about the market of South Korea, which is rich not only in Korean car models, but also in all sorts of variety of world brands ( Mercedes-Benz, Audi,  Porsche, and others).

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