A study conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development confirmed that indoor air quality directly affects not only physical endurance and performance, but also the functioning of the human brain, its cognitive functions.

The most effective and affordable solution for air purification at the moment is the installation of a NANOFIBER window filter.

This is a high-tech air filter that is designed for installation in windows and ventilation systems. It has no analogues in terms of the quality of filtration from pollution. In winter, NANOFIBER will protect your home from exhaust gases and smog, as well as drafts. You can ventilate the room without fear of catching a cold. NANOFIBER provides a uniform flow of clean air free from harmful impurities, dust, smog and microorganisms.

It is recommended to use the NANOFIBER window filter for allergy sufferers. NANOFIBER will save you from insects, viruses and allergens. If you live in a region with an unfavorable environmental situation, near highways, industrial zones and construction sites, then the NANOFIBER window filter will protect your health and your children.
The unique structure of the filter is woven from the finest nano-fibers. They are woven in such a way that only air passes through, improving the air quality in your home or office by 91%.

The product is certified in South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, the EU, Turkey and has passed all tests for light and air transmission.
The service life of the NANOFIBER window filter will allow you to forget about allergies, dust in the house, drafts, insects, smog and viruses for 10 years. The filter can be easily removed and installed back. Maintenance is minimal: it is enough to rinse the filter under a gentle pressure of warm water using mild detergents.
Our specialist will consult for free, measure and calculate the NANOFIBER window filter in your home. Install it within two days from the date of application.

You can get advice and leave a request for a free measurement by phone: 8 (391) 205-06-86.
Protect your health with NANOFIBER!