Today, Konstantin Abdrafikov, head of the international direction of the Nanofiber brand, will share his vision of the market.

How do you assess the development of the international direction in such an interesting time?

  • The international market has always been not easy to develop. The rapid growth of trade between the countries gave way to the same rapid decline. But what is remarkable is that it quickly recovered from the consequences and returned to pre-crisis indicators, and continued to grow at an even faster pace.
    The current crisis, in turn, cannot be compared to the crises we have faced in this century. Difficulties arise at all levels of interaction with potential partners – from emotional to geopolitical. But, like any crisis, the current one is an opportunity to become stronger, smarter, better.
    The market is huge, as is the number of opportunities on it – the current time is no exception. The old, beaten paths to Europe and America are closed to us, but this is not the whole world, but only a part. The rest of the world is open, especially for those who are looking for opportunities.

Which countries are in the prospect of development?

  • These are the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, East and Southeast Asia. This is a huge number of people, over two and a half billion people: young, active, interested. They are looking for new opportunities to make our world safer, more comfortable, to do something important for this themselves.

Say a few words to all our partners who develop the Nanofiber brand?

  • Obviously, if I say that any entrepreneurial activity is aimed at generating income. But I am convinced that in addition to material rewards, it is also important to receive moral satisfaction from what you do.

Our project has a global mission – to put innovation and technical excellence at the service of humanity. Everyone has the right to breathe fresh and clean air, no matter where he lives – in a village or a metropolis, in a cozy rural house or an anthill bordering a 6-lane highway.

You are doing a great job, you are making people’s dreams come true and taking care of their health. Do not stop!

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