The representative of TIKSAN AUTO company Kim Vladislav, who is in South Korea, addressed personally to the management of BLACK PINK in order to settle all questions about the possibility of the group’s performance in Krasnoyarsk.

BLACK PINK’s agency has sent a letter to clarify their seriousness. TIKSAN AUTO is set up thoroughly and is still waiting for the rider of the group. The company offered, in addition to the fee, to provide access to all cultural, leisure, entertainment and other services in Siberia and the Russian Federation as a whole.

Also, the representative of TIKSAN AUTO, transport logistics specialist Kim Vladislav, recorded a video and sent a photo in Seoul in front of the YG Entertainment building, which is the home of the idol group. Photography inside the building was prohibited. That is why these shots were taken against the backdrop of the BLACK PINK administrative building.

We continue to negotiate the arrival of the group in Krasnoyarsk and do everything possible for this.

Millions of guys and girls in Russia are waiting for this concert.

How much does it cost to fulfill their dream – to see their favorite singers? Does this have a price?

On what conditions is the group ready to work with Russia?

We will find out all this very soon.

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To be continued…