Dealer and partner networks of Tiksan Group operate all over the world.  For each direction we have more than 80 representatives, each has its own team of the Accompanying Department.  After all, the main goal that we set for ourselves is to develop each partner, to make him a leader in our market.
The work is active and fruitful.

At present, the  Nanofiber innovative window filter direction team has launched a business marathon . Colleagues share intermediate results.

Yesterday ended the first week of the Business Marathon for Nanofiber dealers.
Our partners have been actively working with bloggers in their regions, and this work has clearly borne fruit.

For some participants of the marathon, it was a new opportunity to increase sales and expand the circle of their grateful customers.

And our partners are also interested in pumping their own management skills – it’s not for nothing that in one of the tasks we recommended reading books by Vladimir Mozhenkov and Igor Mann.

If you have an interest and a desire to become a Nanofiber partner in your city, then the Development Team will be happy to tell you about the conditions
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