For houses, as well as for clothes, there is a fashion. And guess what, they match. Today, the trend is minimalism and loose fit. And this is reflected in the architectural style that has recently burst into the Russian suburban housing market – the barnhouse.

Despite the name, and the word is translated from English as a barn or barn, such houses are the quintessence of simplicity and functionality, conveying maximum meaning through conciseness of forms.

You will recognize the Barnhouse by its rectangular appearance, gable roof without overhangs, panoramic windows, and a spacious terrace. There are no frilly decorations, non-functional details and decorations for the sake of decoration. Architects, cutting off everything superfluous, strove for the ideal, leaving only the most important. In such housing, every square meter performs some function. Even if the house is small, but there are projects consisting of a simple studio of 40 square meters, high ceilings and windows create a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. These are the main feelings that the barnhouse gives. And for this he is increasingly chosen, especially by young families.

For the latter, the construction budget is also an important factor. The technology of SIP panels, which is used to build a barnhouse, allows significant savings both at the construction stage and in the further maintenance of the house.

First, the structurally insulated panels themselves are affordable. Secondly, a bored foundation is used for the barnhouse – it is reliable, durable and allows you to build a house on land with difficult terrain and unstable soil.

If you also choose a company that makes panels itself, then you save on several items at once. The manufacturer’s price is always lower than that of the reseller – by ten percent, at least. And time is also an important resource. And the house kit will be manufactured and delivered on time, even if it has to be transported to another region: the developer is interested in handing over the house quickly. From ordering a house to moving in, it will take from 3 to 6 months. All these opportunities are available to the company “Small Floors”.

A large and free selection of ready-made solutions in the barnhouse style – from 44 meter studios to spacious houses with 3 rooms, a large kitchen-studio, 2 bathrooms, a pantry from FSK “Malye Etazhi”. 

After all, minimalism is not just a minimum of superfluous things, but also a minimum of everydayness, standardity and mediocrity. And it’s all about the barnhouse.  

You can get acquainted with the new line of projects of trendy houses from Malyye Etazhy on the website