Sergey Kim asked top businessmen and representatives of the Krasnoyarsk business community a burning question: can a guest worker become a billionaire?

On December 24, at 17:00, at 17:00, residents of Krasnoyarsk will be able to get a more detailed answer to this question from a former migrant worker at the Siberia International Exhibition Center. How did you manage to become a billionaire? How to make sure that everyone who comes to the master class can also achieve this? What needs to be done to achieve high results? How to set big goals and achieve them? Mechanics of formation of motivation and energy. Algorithm for a successful day.

You will learn this and much more on December 24 at 17:00 at the Siberia International Exhibition Center.

Sergey Kim. Master class “From guest worker to billionaire”.

Come to the master class and get step-by-step instructions for the first million $.


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