Block-modular boiler houses are gaining more and more popularity in our region. They have a number of significant advantages over traditional boilers.
BMK is simply indispensable when used in a limited space – it happens that the house simply does not provide a room for a boiler room. Or space can be allotted, but dragging a huge cauldron weighing several tons into it is an impossible task.
Also, unlike stationary, block-modular boilers require a short time to commission. This is due to compactness, complete set and high speed of connection to the heating system of the heated building.

A client turned to HOTOPIT.RF with a difficult task – to install heating from a solid fuel boiler in an already built house. At the same time, isolate the main rooms in the house from coal dust. The option of adding a boiler house building to the client’s house did not fit.
The idea of ​​erecting a boiler house in a stand-alone block was supported by the customer, work has begun!
For heating a house with an area of ​​200 sq.m. in with. Daursky (Balakhtinsky district) manufactured a block-modular boiler house based on a solid fuel boiler KOLOSS DOU 25 kW. Such power is enough to create and maintain a comfortable temperature at this facility through a system of underfloor heating (on the 1st and 2nd floors of the house).

The manufactured boiler room is equipped with a chimney with a truss and a special repair hole.
In the upper part there is a bunker opening for fuel loading and a maintenance platform. On the advice of OTOPITI.RF
technical specialists, the client ordered an automatic ash removal function and an enlarged bunker, which will greatly facilitate the maintenance of this boiler house in the future. In addition to standard components, the heating system is equipped with:

 • UPS with a 100 ah battery 

• Backup electric boiler 20 kW 

• Indirect heating boiler with a volume of 200 liters 

• Gasoline generator in case of a power outage

The block-modular boiler house has been successfully put into operation. The client is satisfied!